Wednesday, December 20, 2006

India: First Impressions

Today I arrived in India! The plane was delayed a whopping 4 hours so I didn't get in until after dark. In the end I left my laptop in Bangkok (a shout out to Andy who's taking care of my baby). What does this mean for you? No pictures and video unless I can find a place/way to upload them. For me, it means I won't be able to use cute graphics and videos as a cover for my half-assed prose. but as soon as I get a chance I'll share some photos.

After traveling in Morocco, I was prepared for the worst at the airport arrival gate. I strapped on my "I'm a hardened traveler so back off" look for the throngs of people waiting at the airport exit. But wait, these are just ordinary Indians waiting for their families to arrive! Not a tout in sight! What's going on?
Apparently Southern India is far less aggressive than the north.

Anyway, the city is really dirty and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on/to do here, so I'll head somewhere tomorrow.

Until next time...


Jon Hoff said...

I think you should head to the 'stans' next. Not Pakistan -- that's mainstream, try Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Find out what the people really think of Borat, and tell us what does Yak's milk really taste like? Mind you, winter over there right now -- best leave it a few months.

pj said...

Good to hear from you one way or another. At least I know you are still alive! Words are good, pics are good, it's all good.