Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Indian Embassy a.k.a. Hell

By now, I should be well used to the hilariously inconvenient and short times for visa applications and pick-ups at embassies. Nevertheless, I was a little surprised that, despite the sign saying "visa pick-up from 5 - 5:30 pm", the windows remained curtained and the staff absent in that little room until 5:40. What else could I and the other 200 people do but wait though, considering they have our passports.
Not exactly a cheap visa, this:
Visa fee: 5500 yen
Telex (?) fee: 3250 yen
Fee for being American (no kidding!): 2500 yen
Total: 11250 yen ($96.67)

Since I spent all my money at the embassy, I've had to cut down on other costs. Here's a photo of tonight's dinner:note the mismatching chopsticks
cabbage: 25 yen
natto: 33 yen
miso soup: 33 yen
egg: 25 yen
rice: 99 yen
total: 215 yen ($1.85)
not too bad!


Anonymous said...

i am glad you started this for your journeys, i hope you keep it up!


pj said...

I love the accounting details! Best wishes on your voyage. Wish I was there.