Sunday, December 10, 2006

A travelogue is born

In exactly one week I leave my cushy Tokyo life for the Asian mainland: First Bangkok, then on to India, and from there, who knows? You'll just have to check back often to find out.
Be warned that the posts here will be unedited, dirty, raw, travel ramblings. I won't have time for your "paragraphs" and "sentences" while I'm fleeing capture by sabre armed raiders.
In addition to the written word, it is my intention to provide you with plentiful helpings of visual and audio material to be picked up and transmitted to you in the comfort of your home using my ├╝ber-media-geek package consisting of: my trusty if slightly outdated powerbook G4, my brand spankin new 'HD is for losers' Panasonic DVX 100B video camera and my 'I'm too crappy to steal' sony DSC-S90. Thanks in advance to YouTube and Flickr for hosting the media.

Check back later in the week to find out if I will get my overpriced Indian visa in time for my flight to Bangkok.

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