Friday, January 05, 2007

The long awaited update

Here in Hampi, one can see many temples and ruins dating from the 16th century. It seems the internet connection was installed around the same time, judging from the speed and reliability of the connection. On top of that, the internet shops have a sweet little business going, charging double the rate of a good connection in any other place.
That said, it's been a relaxing period of isolation from the modern world. I've learned how to wash my clothes in the river.
I think I'm giving a rather skewed impression of the place. It's a kind of tourist retreat. I have access to a plethora of banana pancake flavors here, and Israeli food to satisfy even the most oppressive falafel craving.
My weakness for tea and relaxation have gotten the best of my travel ambitions, and I'm peacefully wiling the days away by the river, reading, staring at magnificent boulders and exploring the otherworldly landscapes here. I'm also taking ungodly amounts of photos, which I will upload once I've returned to the land of broadband internet.


Jacob Thomas said...

This is not a comment- it is a string of questions.

1. How is the booze in India?

2. Do you notice remnants of the caste system there, and if so, in what way?

3. Have you meditated or in any way participated in and Hindu or Muslim religious practice?

4. Is the deliciousness of the tea in India the result of the tea/herbs, the method of preparation, or both? And, if BOTH, which is it MORE the result of, if you had to guess. Tea geek question...

5. What remnants of British colonialism do you see/experience, and are they pleasant or grating?

Forgive me for the slew of queries, it is a genetic condition.

Joseph M. Pavey said...

Great to hear that you're enjoying yourself. One of the great things about extended travel is the ability to slow down and take a breather. I'm eager to see your photos. Are you planning to hit Varanasi at all? I have a friend who went and studied music there for a short period of time and said it was a pretty amazing place. Harmonium anyone?