Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello, Hash?

The touts of the Varanasi ghats don't beat around the bush. I thought no place could ever top Vancouver, B.C. for most-drug-offers-per-city-block, but it seems I was oh-so wrong. Sorry friend, I'm already tripping balls from the living carnival that is Varanasi.

Now is the time to be in Varanasi. The saddhu's or babas as they are affectionately called, have set up camps along the ghats lining the Ganga. They'll stay here until after the Holi festival on March 3rd, after which most will drift to the next holy site, though some, like the naga-baba (naked saddhu) who always seems to draw a massive crowd by twisting his penis around a metal trident while periodically taking long and much-needed draws off his chillum, may well stay.

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pj said...

Well, Seth, your readers who have not yet seen "Road to Nirvana" received an update in their education regarding what feats some yoga and a penchant for showing off can accomplish - and for some of your readers perhaps a few new desktop pictures.
As for me, I am not young enough or hip enough or stoned enough to know what "tripping balls" means. Perhaps that was intentional on your part as a way of communicating to a select generation. Now the brick factory - that was a metaphor I could grasp.