Friday, March 02, 2007


Varanasi is simmering in anticipation of Holi, the annual festival which celebrates the end of winter. All the corner shops are well stocked with water guns of all shapes and sizes. Mounds of colored powder line the streets. Only the children are wearing clothes stained with the colors of the rainbow today, but come March 4th it will be everyone. Shops will close and the general mayhem will consume the streets.
Hey, wasn't I in varansi in the last post? And the post before? Isn't this supposed to be a travelogue? Oh sorry! Silly me! I bought a ticket to Calcutta for March 6, so fear not.

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pj said...

Holi smokes, the end of winter? Wow you really ARE in another country! Snow yesterday, rain and more rain of the cold sort in the forecast - this is what it's like where I am. The end of winter sounds like a terrific idea. Al Gore may disagree.

You could write about the sites and smells of Varanasi for a very long while before I would tire of it. What's it like at the bathing ghats (apart being accosted by vendors of hallucinagens)? Don't forget to fill us in on what YOU did on/for/during Holi....