Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where it all started

Well I'm back in Chennai, where the women wear fresh flowers in their hair and the men throw burning hot tea from glass to glass. Ah, Tamil Nadu, how I wish I had more than a mere 24 hours to enjoy your charms. There may not be much for the average traveler to do in Chennai, but the wonderful people make it worth the visit (and they speak English!).
I've just come from Puri, a lovely town on the Bay of Bengal. The most famous site is in nearby Konark, which features the sun temple, containing many erotic sculptures and bass reliefs. Puri is such a peaceful place to relax, really off the main tourist trail but that's part of the charm and gives it an extraordinarily laid back feel. The area was devastated in 1999 by a massive cyclone.

And with that, part one of the travelogue (The Indian Odyssey, let's call it) comes to a close as I prepare for tomorrow's midnight flight to Bangkok. If you're worried that the blog will end, don't, because I'm much more worried about the prospect of getting a full-time job. After a brief stop-over in the land of smiles (are we still calling it that?) I'll be heading to the land of landmines (and smiles), Cambodia.

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