Friday, May 11, 2007

Metal boxes packed with suits and bodies

The top 5 most crowded train lines in Tokyo, according to my students:

1) JR Saikyo line. Popular hunting grounds for chikan (groping perverts).
2) Keio Inokashira line. In western Tokyo.
3) JR Yamanote line. The circular loop line of central Tokyo.
4) Odakyu line. Another one in western Tokyo.
5) Tokyu Den-en-toshi line: Yet another one in the west.
Honorable Mention: JR Chuo line. Cuts through the center of Tokyo

This week I started commuting to Shibuya from my home in Seijogakuen-mae. The journey takes around 40 minutes door to door, with about 20 of those being inside a train car. I use the Odakyu line (#4) and the Inokashira line (#2).

Not for the weak.


Go to a happy place.

Hmmmm, no thanks.

Train staff lend a helping hand.

Sure wish there was a ladies only carriage.


Coffee and cigerettes.

Getting on an Inokashira line in Shimo-kitazawa.

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PJ said...

The coffee and cigarettes guy looks to be drinking from a can. Coffee by the can in Japan? Has he found the secret to staying so thin?