Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tokyo Again

I've landed in Tokyo, and in my very own brand spankin' new apartment. It even has a new apartment smell. And guess what else? Screaming fast broadband internet. Goodbye to posts from backwater malaria infested towns... Don't expect the writing to improve with the hygiene though.

There are a few things that need to be mentioned before I go further into the details of my existence here in Tokyo. First off, why does United Airlines blow? My complaint here has substance, and goes beyond the appalling lack of beautiful Asian stewardesses on it's Bangkok-Tokyo route. One word: Water. Why do I have to flag down the flight attendants repeatedly to beg for water? Shouldn't they be coming around with the stuff of life as we cruise along at that parching altitude? On any decent airline they would be coming around with trays of the stuff every 20 minutes. I could go on and on about the food, but what would be the point. It's typical American slop: low quality, flavorless, processed, and unhealthy. Finally, I don't mind that I don't have my own personal television screen. I really don't. But for the love of God, if I have to see Happy Feet playing on that big blurry screen one more time I'm gonna spew all over the damn duty free catalog AND the safety card... Seriously, every flight I seem to take has that as the feature friggin' movie of the moment.

For those interested in good cinema, see The Last King of Scotland.

Before I stray too far from the topic of airlines and flying in general, allow me to redeem this rant-fest of a post by sharing some tips for getting budget tickets. First of all, check out the Hobo Traveler's tips on gate hopping. The formatting of the page leaves something to be desired, but if you're looking for cheap tickets involving unknown/unconventional travel plans, this guy knows his shit. Also try throwing your travel plans into these search engines which search hundreds of other airlines and travel sites at once:

More once I've unpacked...

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