Monday, August 13, 2007

Music Review: Radio Phnom Penh

Sublime Frequencies, a Seattle-based record label specializing in radio and field recording collages from around the globe, has kindly saved you the trouble and pain of digging through the mines of mediocre Khmer Pop and ripped-off Tata Young melodies and delivered some of the catchiest, melt-in-you-ear sweet Khmer sounds ever to grace the streets of Phnom Penh (or your living room).

Being back home in the sane lands of the eternal toothless-winter (it's August, so why am I sleeping with a down comforter?) has left me with plenty of time to get re-acquainted with my old friend music, and RPP is topping the playlist. When the quiet predictability of Olympia underwhelms my stimulant-starved, metropolis-acclimated mind, I only need strap on my sennheiser teleportation device to be whisked away to that mystic land steeped in war, history, and re-birth.

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