Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Year of Kampot

The first things you'll notice coming into Kampot, a lovely little town in the south of Cambodia, are the bizarre memorial statues gracing the roadways and roundabouts. In addition to "2000", there's "rice farmers", "white horse", and most curiously "rhinoceros".

On Friday morning a few friends and I hopped on our motorbikes and headed there for the long weekend. My little 100cc bike handled the trip admirabley, but my friend's much older bike kept overheating, so he bought an IV drip at a pharmacy and rigged it to feed a water drip onto the motor. He made it in the end, an hour or so after me.

On the following day we went to the nearby Kep beach and feasted on fresh shrimp and crabs. Afterwards we swam and relaxed in the sun. In the evening we went to a restaurant specializing in wild meats and feasted once again, this time on hog and deer. The unfortunate vegetarian in the group was surely annoyed, but didn't complain.

On the way back it rained, but we didn't care.

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Kyle said...

Alright, it's been a month. Let's see another update, eh?