Friday, January 18, 2008

First Impressions of The Philippines

Keep in mind I've been here a day, with a good chunk of that asleep:

Manila airport is by far the worst airport I've ever been to.

Filipinos speak fluent, polite, American accented English. When checking into my room, the hotel staff said: Would you mind if I asked you to pay for the first night?, while in Thailand it's always something like: You pay now.

Filipinos and Filipinas are very friendly! They talk a lot with their eyebrows.

The city, Cebu, is not especially nice. Think long polluted roads with no sidewalks and little charm. I'm actually hanging out in a shopping mall now. I like this shopping mall. Everything I need right now is here.

Food and transport and very cheap!

Most other foreigners here are old white dudes.

It's totally bizarre but I love it!

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