Sunday, January 13, 2008

Go Chang!

Chang, or elephant, is more than just a low-cost, high-alcohol (6.5%) Thai beer, which my former Thai language teacher said he drank over other beers because he's "kikiat chee" or "lazy to piss". Chang is also a magnificent "Koh", or island, in the east of Thailand near the Cambodian border. Overlooked by tourists heading south to "the beaches", many people must have been confused and not realized that "The Beach" is just a book and movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and there are no paradise pot crops and utopian communities living on Koh Pi Pi, just a lot of drunken Europeans.

Koh Chang is no secret, but it's a beautiful and, so far, tastefully developed island. Here you feel you're living with Thai people, and not that you've driven them out and replaced them with banana pancakes. Getting here from Bangkok costs a fraction of that to get to the southern islands, and once you're here the food and booze are half the price, too. Have you grasped my advice yet? Skip the full moon party on Koh Pha Ngan, unless of course you like dancing on broken glass, and Go Chang!In other news, I ship out for Cebu in the Philippines late Wednesday night and arrive Thursday morning to witness the weekend Sinulog festival. Apparently, Filipino festivals are quite mad. During Easter, devotees in the predominately Catholic country actually volunteer to be nailed onto crosses, like, for real. For the rest of us, choking down marshmallow peeps is suffering enough.


Kyle said...

damn, peeps are pretty bad, but getting nailed to wooden planks...

One of our local Thai joints has Chang. It does go well with some coconut curry but I cannot get into a lot of imports. Must be my Northwest microbrew snobbery. Not to mention we have a fair number of tastey brews around 10% mark! ;)

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Seth said...

Unfortunately I've been forced to submit to an Asian interpretation of "beer", which means barely perceptible variations on boring lager.
Though if I have to pick favorites I'll go with Tiger and Beer Lao.

Andy said...

I love peeps! Yeah Chang is definitely much more laid back than Koh "Scum" Ngan or Phuket. It is pretty developed, but it's much quieter and still possible to find empty stretches of beach without being surrounded by drunken Israelis scarfing down banana pancakes.

Having just started another ESL stint your blog is making me a little envious. Enjoy your freedom and go everywhere you can!