Monday, March 24, 2008

Seth's Travelogue throws it's support behind Obama

Let the silence be broken. This blog officially supports Barack Obama in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. The kind of intelligence and sincerity in his speech on race is impossible to fake. After eight years of systematic degradation to our country's well-being and reputation, we need a leader who can speak intelligently, act responsibly, think analytically and make wise decisions.


Andy said...

While I agree that Obama is a step in the right direction, his policies and voting record make him almost identical to Clinton. He is a great speaker who is clearly a thoughtful, intelligent person and that is certainly a breath of fresh air after 7 years of the village idiot.

However, there are indications that Obama is just another corporate puppet. For example, there was one line particular from his recent speech on race that indicated he is not truly what he appears to be, and in many respects will simply maintain the status quo:

“Instead, they expressed a profoundly distorted view of this country – a view that sees white racism as endemic, and that elevates what is wrong with America above all that we know is right with America; a view that sees the conflicts in the Middle East as rooted primarily in the actions of stalwart allies like Israel, instead of emanating from the perverse and hateful ideologies of radical Islam.”

That simple line, overlooked by the corporate media, says volumes.

Personally, I'll be voting for Mike Gravel in November. He stands absolutely no chance of winning, but I would rather vote for who I want rather than who's most likely to win.

There's been a rather political curve on your blog since returning to the states. Why is that?

Kyle said...

Good to hear, Seth. I have been an Obama man for the last year. I never thought I would see him make it this far. The US media is trying their hardest to sink him, I just hope he can pull through. The world needs him so very bad, I just hope we dont 'Ef up another election here, though I am cautiously optimistic.

Seth said...

This is an excellent point. It was easy to let that statement slide by in context, but it is certainly worrying to those of us who see the actions of our "stalwart allies" as somewhat less than infallible.

Will Mike Gravel be on the ballot in November if he doesn't win the democratic primary?

Yes, I've strayed somewhat in recent posts from my usual travel theme. These are just some the things on my mind since coming back home and being steeped in the crockpot of the States. I may well end up starting a new blog for those issues and keeping this one travel related.

Anonymous said...

Mike Gravel will not be on most ballot's if any come November. He is running as a Democrat. You can vote for what is realistically best for America or you can vote your conscious come November. I don't think America can afford to have too many people stray towards un-realistic and idealistic canidates.

Please consider Obama, his chances of winning have been dwindling daily due to big media trying to sink him. If liberals do not get behind Obama we might was well hand another election to the Repubs. If your conscious can handle that then by all means, vote your ideals. No canidate, including Mike Gravel or any other far left canidate will ever truly meet my expectations, but we need to be in this to win. We cannot afford another loss like 04. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

I also left you a previous comment that you didnt approve? I do not take it personal, just curious. I have to make one last note about Obama, those statements about him being like Clinton are near echos from the main stream media and Gravels own website. One major factor that must be considered is Baracks vote on the war. He has opposed the war from the get go and stood on the senate floor giving a powerful speech condeming the use of force against Iraq. Hillary Clinton gave Bush full authority to pursue this costly war.

After the war begun, Barack has voted to fund the troops. Many idealistic voters see this as Obama giving in. They are not seeing the whole picture. What kind of country would we be to send our men and women into war and then not adequetly fund them while they were in harms way. Our death toll would be higher than the 4,000 who have already gave there lives for this un-just war. Barack has set a time-table for with draw while Hillary simply states she will end the war with no dead lines.

Hillary Clinton takes lobbyist money and staunchly defends her position in doing so. Obama's campaign has been funded by millions of small donors giving $100 or less. Obama has released all his tax returns, schedules, and funding for anyone to see. Hillary Clinton keeps her financials a secret. Barack Obama wants to reform healthcare and the insurance industry making it affordable to anyone who wants it while not forcing citizens to enroll. Hillary wants to burden millions of already struggling families by forcing enrollment, garnishing wages, and fining those who do not enroll only furthing their debt. You cannot possibly say Hillary and Obama are the same as I could continue to all day about their differences. Just another example of how the media has people fooled.

Anyway, politics aside, where are you heading to next?? Have you seen your family while here? If so, say Hi to them for me!

Andy said...

There are rumors that Gravel, who recently moved to the Libertarian Party, will drop out of the race on the condition that Obama adopts his National Initiative for Democracy. This is pretty big news and demonstrates that Obama may actually be the agent of change he presents himself to be and not just another corporate puppet.

There is even talk of Obama giving Gravel a cabinet level position to pursue the National Initiative. Obama's motivation for doing so is probably a fear of Gravel acting as a spoiler in the general election. Regardless, it's good news. The mere fact that Noam Chomsky has endorsed Gravel and his National Initiative is pretty important in my view.

So if this really happens, I will certainly throw my support behind Obama, too.