Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mountains of Seoul

Springtime in Seoul means mountain climbing season. Locals flood to the bases of Seoul's many 'mini' mountains for day hikes. Last Saturday, I was invited to ascend Gwanaksan near Seoul National University in the southern reaches of the city.
When a city of 10 million people heads for the hills, you can imagine the congestion.
Getting away from it all

Towards the top, the beauty of spring:

And views of Seoul:


Kyle said...

Love the shot of Seoul.. I have a weird fascination of skyline shots of cities. Asian cities being some of my favorites.

Andy said...

It's a beautiful place, but seeing the pictures of those crowds made me sick! It's pretty similar here in Taiwan. You can't go anywhere on a weekend with swarms of people. Something about small, affluent Asian countries with huge populations I guess.