Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Politics

I get most of my news from the internet these days which has the virtue of being unmitigated by large corporations with a mind-controlling agenda. Just in case anyone who reads this blog didn't see this exemplary answer to a question from Katie Couric about the government bailout from hockey mom Sarah Palin, here it is:

Wha wha whaaaaaaat?!?!? Folks, this is scary. I don't know whether to go into a laughing fit, or cry. Just for fun, let's compare that with Ms. South Carolina:


disfunk said...

It is both hilarious and frightening at the same time. Funny you mention Ms. South Carolina... I was watching that interview with Carrie and reciting Ms. Carolina repeatedly because I couldn't help but compare the two. The conservative whack jobs are already saying Katie Couric was asking "Gotcha" questions, more like softballs in my opinion.

There is some more of her interview in my blog if you haven't seen it... painful.

Andy said...

You wrote a while back about your intentions to vote for Obama, and I gave you a hard time because of his AIPAC connections and a few other things. However, seeing how things have gone down in the last month or so on the Republican side is making an Obama vote look pretty appealing. McCain has been running the sleaziest campaign in history, and the addition of Caribou Barbie to his ticket is a slap in the face to all intelligent Americans, particularly women. She had an equally stellar answer to a question about McCain's alleged efforts to bring more regulation to Wall Street trading: "I'll get back to ya!" Scary indeed.

PJ said...

You provide some interesting footage for us, although not altogether flattering for American women. A clarification in defense of Miss Upton, and all Americans, should be added that the contest that was at stake was for Miss TEEN USA so Miss North Carolina Teen could have been no older than a mere 19 years old.
I looked up Katie Couric on Wiki and could find nothing in her bio to identify the position she held when I first viewed her on tv. She was reporting a rivetting story on the street for host Joan Rivers about the latest fashions. It seemed a humiliating assignment to me at the time so I watched with amused admiration as Katie climbed slowly but surely the rungs to the status she holds now. Certainly a younger (51 years) and slightly whiter version of anchor-icon Connie Chung (62 years.)