Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seth's Travelogue, Back By Popular Demand

Last I checked commuting does not qualify as traveling, but when doing so by bicycle on Korean roads it at least qualifies as adventurous. Seriously, Koreans can't drive. Does that sentence make me racist? Ah, F*ck it. As pointed out by my dear readers, it's been ages since the last post. Where to begin? Well basically I've been working in the Korean public school system and getting a crash course in teaching youngsters the esteemed international language known as English. As the only foreigner there, as well as the only foreigner ever to have been there in the school's 100+ year history, I get plenty of attention. Most of the attention I never find out about. It takes the form of hushed rumors spread around the halls like Californian wildfire. It's actually a little bit like being a presidential candidate, with a heavy dose of mistranslation mixed in.
Which brings me to today's Link of the Day for Other People Getting Paid to Surf the Internet
Dokdo is ours
is a satirical website about Korea which might not be funny to people unfamiliar with Korean culture, but absolutely hysterical if you have lived here. Please check it out and if I'm wrong about that assumption, let me know. I'm curious. For those who don't know, Dokdo is the Korean name for a couple disputed islets (read=worthless rocks) in the sea of Japan, I'm sorry, East Sea. Here's a picture of that sea, taken last weekend.

And that's that. What's up with you?


disfunk said...

Seth, nice to have a update. I was wondering where you might be at this time. Sounds like Korea is still providing plenty of entertainment.

Carrie and I had a short trip to Italy over the summer. We did the typical tourist stuff while there, as my in-laws paid for the trip. It was still fun and something we would have never done otherwise. Aside from that we went on a few adventures in the northwest, I have some pictures up on my Murdoch-space.

Pullman sucks, but what can you do? We will leave as soon as the time is right. (ie, Carrie gets the experience she needs to graduate from associate engineer to engineer) I found a job at a bar down here cooking. I've found that working at a bar in a small college town is not nearly as chill as working at one in Spokane was, but a job is a job. After 8 years, I am back in school. I need to be edumacated so I don't spend my life working in bars.

You are lucky to not be in America right now, a side from the circus that is our political system our economy continues to tank, perhaps you've been following? Interesting times these days. Take care over there.

Dokdo Is Ours said...

Heh heh.

Thanks for the link.