Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fed Seeks Mugabe's Advice

The federal reserve has been in contact with Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe to request assistance in devaluing the US dollar. With national debt levels soaring, the fed aims to inflate it's way out of debt, leaving China, Saudi Arabia, and US citizens with piles of greenish paper with pictures of dead guys. Mugabe's success in beating money into submission is well documented. The Zimbabwean dollar, known throughout Zimbabwe as 'fucking shit', is currently experiencing inflation rates of 13 quadrillion percent (13000000000000000%).
On Mugabe's advice, the fed reduced it's target interest rate to 0%, and purchased a quadrillion more printing presses.

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carrie f said...

I have a picture of what seemed, at the time, a ridiculously large pile of money that bought dinner for 4 in Zimbabwe in August of '03. That pile of Zim dollars would now probably not buy you a single grain of rice. It certainly does seem that the US government may be in danger of making strikingly similar bad decisions to "save" our currency.