Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best of Bali

I make no apologies for my lazy blogging but I would like to catch up any followers who haven't written me off yet.

My first night I stayed in Kuta (close to the airport), but quickly got fed up with the hordes of Australian teens and made a move to Ubud, where I based myself for most of my Bali time. In Ubud I met a lot of locals and had time to just relax and soak in Balinese culture rather than the Western Beach Vacation/Cancun-style atmosphere of Kuta. I should note that I later went back to Kuta to try my hand at surfing, and I think I did rather well.
Ahem, ok so that's not me. But I did try surfing, which was good fun aside from swimming through piles of plastic which cover the water of Kuta Beach. I even stood up! If only I had a picture...

I could easily have spent the month in Bali, but I decided to hop over to the "Gili Islands" off the coast of Lombok (I use quotes because although that is what they are referred to as, it is clearly some tourist perversion as "Gili" means island, so it would be like saying the Island Island's... anyway... More on the Gili's later.

Now I'm getting my ducks in a row for a one month expedition in Myanmar. I fly out on Friday and come back a month later. Internet is pretty spotty there so I probably won't be updating the blog until I get back.

You can see many of my pictures taken in Bali here.

And how are you?


Nic said...

Stumbled across your blog searching for info on surfing in Bali...wound up reading quite a bit. Great travels and a very adventuresome guy! Just thought I'd post a comment to say keep up the good work. And keep posting! Thanks,


Seth said...

Cheers Nic, nice to know someone's out there!

PJ said...

Hoping to hear more about Bali and the Gilis. Maybe you will end up writing from Burma? Hope so! I love the pictures of the pink and purple sunset!!!